Loss and Hope

What Do You Crave Most?

At Craving God Ministries our goal is to provide encouragement through truth in the word to ignite passion and relationship so that you can answer this question with the one thing that matters most, God.

Loss and Hope

Just a few weeks ago our family experienced a great loss; my husband’s grandmother passed away. This woman, we called her MawMaw, filled a void in my life I didn’t even know I had. You see, when I was in high school both of my grandmothers passed away and before


Over four years ago, we were blessed with the most beautiful baby girl. As soon as we laid our eyes on her, we were in love, and we had this instant desire to love and protect her. There was no question in our minds that she was ours, and we


“God doesn’t call the equipped, He equips the called” God sometimes speaks to me in some of the most random ways, or at least they seem random to me. I was watching the movie Moana with my 4-year-old just last night, a scene in the movie really got me thinking

His Grace

Grace is such a beautiful thing.  This word has been a recurring theme for me, so far this year.  It started on January 1st as I had one of the hardest parenting days I can remember.  My temper was short and my 3 year old seemed to be pushing every

Faith Be Greater

Fear, by definition, is an unpleasant emotion caused by the belief that someone or something is dangerous, likely to cause pain, or a threat. It is a very normal human response to different things life throws at us… especially the unknown.   I want to share with you a very

The Good Shepherd

“The Lord is my shepherd, I shall not want” Psalm 23:1 How many times have you heard this verse and just skimmed over it?  Have you ever let it sink in that this verse is saying there is nothing God cannot provide?  What other things, outside of God, do you

The Gift

About a month ago, my 3 year old daughter and I were leaving her dance class and as I was getting everything together for us to walk out of the door she darts out into the parking lot. I run after her, afraid she is going to get hit by


As a student I was never great at studying. I was an average student who could’ve been more had I learned and practiced better studying skills. I usually memorized information long enough for a test and then it was dumped out of my brain. I don’t write this with pride