IMMEASURABLY MORE – Day 4: Than All We Can Ask Or Imagine (Ask Him)

What Do You Crave Most?

At Craving God Ministries our goal is to provide encouragement through truth in the word to ignite passion and relationship so that you can answer this question with the one thing that matters most, God.

ASUR“Now to him who is able to do IMMEASURABLY MORE than all we ask or imagine, according to his power that is at work within us” Ephesians 3:20

I shared the post below a couple of months ago with my family and friends:

Not sure why, but I feel led to share this… On Monday, May 9th, in the early morning hours while still asleep I heard an audible voice say, “Ask Me.”

It came from the right side of the bed and a presence was felt as if someone was literally there, but it didn’t startle me at all. It awakened me and I thought it was my husband since it came from his side of the bed, but when I looked around I realized he was already gone for work. As soon as I realized it wasn’t him, I knew without a doubt that it was God. It was a familiar voice. A voice I’d heard in an audible manner like that, only a few times before. It’s a very calm voice that is low in tone, almost as if whispering. It brings complete peace over me when hearing it and makes me long to hear it again.

My next reaction/thought even though I was still in what I’d call a dreamy sleep was to think, “For what? Ask you for what?” And then went into an immediate prayer of asking, though I didn’t know what I was supposed to ask for. I didn’t want to miss the window of opportunity! Actually, I still don’t know what He wants me to “Ask Him.” I’ve asked quite a bit since then to hopefully cover all my bases, but I still feel like what He wants me to “Ask Him” is ahead of me. It makes me feel confident that He simply wants me to ask. I have found much scripture where we are called to, Ask Him and I am trying to be obedient though I’m not sure what He means just yet.

Has anyone ever experienced anything similar? I’d love to hear your story!

What would you, ask for if God told you to Ask Him?


 IMMEASURABLY MORE – Day 4: Than All We Can Ask Or Imagine (Ask Him)

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